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Teacher Preparation Programs (TPP)

Connected for Improvement.

The development and support of teachers is a shared responsibility between teacher preparation programs (TPPs), certification agencies, and those hiring graduates. When everyone works together, the quality of the teaching profession is strengthened. To do their part and align their goals with a continuous improvement cycle, each of these groups needs access to better data at specific times in the teacher talent pipeline.

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Make your data work for you.

As a leader in education data standards, the Ed-Fi Solution enables your organization’s various systems to connect to achieve true interoperability with the integration of data, reporting, and intelligence. Giving educators a complete, real time picture of their students to allow them do what they do best: support student success. Let UPD show you how.

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Interoperability & Infrastructure Modernization

Inspired IT systems inspire excellence.

In the increasingly multifaceted world of data, you need an IT partner who is equally multidimensional. UPD can help you put the power of your hardware, software, networks, applications, and databases into the hands of your people. UPD focuses on standards-based, open-source solutions such as Ed-Fi, CEDS, and the tools powered by them.

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Translate vision into action.

You should not have to be a statistician to benefit from your data. Because we understand the questions you’re are trying to answer from your data, our visualizations result in better and quicker decisions.

Data Analytics

Unlock the valuable secrets in your data.

Unlock the valuable secrets in your data. UPD’s advanced analytics can help decipher and interpret the stories behind your data for greater impact. Predict and forecast trends and patterns to better select appropriate strategies.

User Adoption

Unleash your innovators.

The best technology in the world is worthless if people don’t use it. UPD’s user adoption process ensures that your IT vision becomes a reality and returns results on your investment.

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