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Workforce Development

The New Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) is making important changes to the way local Workforce Boards (WIBS) develop programs and support the development of economic opportunities in their region. WIOA has a specific focus on performance management and how boards should use data to help derive solutions more effectively.

WIOA creates a single set of common measures across core programs including:

  • Unsubsidized employment
  • Median earnings
  • Receipt of credentials and education
  • Acquisition of measurable skills and
  • Employer engagement

State and local WIBs will face increasing accountability for durable results.

UPD is using the Stat process to help WIBs develop an authentic and continuous improvement process that not only complies with the law but also drives toward real outcomes. The UPD Stat process is focused on change management through a rigorous process of data analysis and Stakeholder Engagement. First, UPD works with Workforce Boards to help them define (or refine) goals and metrics for their agencies. Then, through a series of data analyses and Stakeholder Engagement, the data is turned into actionable information which staff can use to develop strategies and tactics on which to design projects and implement programs effectively. When done regularly, organizational transformation and data driven decision making begin to take place at the organization.

The Outcome

Stat helps workforce agencies focus their work more strategically and specifically on the outcomes they and the new WOIA want to see at the local level. Measuring performance is the simplest and easiest way of identifying where problems are. The value of Stat and the stakeholder collaboration is that, armed with objective information, WIBs can make informed decisions about fixing the problems and measuring results on a regular cycle to make program adjustments to meet client needs. The iterative process of Stat helps instill a culture of accountability and helps staff take tactical action toward their strategic goals.