Elaine has been with UPD since 2010, during which she has led the development and roll-out of continuous improvement processes with State Departments of Education and school districts across the country.

As a director, Elaine provides leadership on UPD’s school improvement efforts, K-12 continuous improvement projects, and formative learning partnerships with states and districts. These service areas combine Elaine’s passion for high-leverage data use with the critical nuts and bolts of education practice improvement.

Elaine recently led a project that brought four Florida districts (Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, Lake and Volusia) together as part of a collaborative network to improve implementation of standards-aligned instruction. She has supported the Memphis, TN, Omaha, NE, and Syracuse, NY school districts to bring district leadership, principals, and central office staff together to set goals, identify the highest leverage work to reach their goals and then implement regular data-driven, continuous improvement practices.

Prior to working with these districts, Elaine designed, facilitated and managed nine cross-district networks in Rhode Island in partnership with the RI Department of Education to accelerate the implementation of the state’s Race to the Top initiatives. She also led the replication of this model in Illinois, under the umbrella of the US Department of Education’s Reform Support Network.

Elaine’s passion is for making sure public systems are as effective as possible and to improve opportunities and outcomes for kids. For almost 15 years, she has worked in child welfare, youth workforce development, juvenile justice, K-12 education systems, and policy advocacy on child and family well-being issue. She leverages her expertise in continuous improvement, stakeholder engagement, change management, and collaborative strategy development to address issues of education equity and effectiveness.

Elaine holds a bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies from Brown University and a master’s degree in Public Affairs from the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University.