Mark brings an expertise in computer science to UPD with a special emphasis on education technology standards-centric data and development, with a long résumé of projects rooted in SIF, CEDS and Ed-Fi. He was instrumental in the publication of several U.S. and international SIF specifications, spearheaded development of the SIF Certification program and associated state certification profiles, and has recently been focused primarily on Ed-Fi implementation efforts on behalf of UPD and its clients.

Mark’s recent UPD work on the Ed-Fi side includes Portland ODS/API and dashboards, Shelby County, Tennessee dashboards, early warning system and data warehouse, Tulsa cloud-hosted ODS/API, including piloting the Ed-Fi Alliance’s new Temporal ODS (T-ODS), Development support for the creation of the Teacher Preparation Data Model, a large set of extensions to the Ed-Fi data model, Teacher preparation-related data and collaborative dashboard projects in New Mexico, and for Relay and US Prep. He has also been instrumental in single sign-on work for Oklahoma, an automated state data collection platform for OSSE, and UPD’s internal research and development on Ed-Fi-based early warning systems.

Mark holds B.S. and B.A. degrees from Michigan State University, in Computer Science and German, respectively.