Patrick is an expert in organizational behavior and analysis who specializes in finance, performance management, process improvement, and data use for decision making. He helps clients to understand that organizations are all perfectly designed to deliver their current results, and that any desired change in those results requires some change of the organization.

He currently leads our performance management practice based on the “Stat” model. The Stat system uses data to inform decision making by measuring performance change at short intervals, and by implementing an accountability process that drives continuous improvement. Patrick’s teams are engaged to transform organizations by helping them to align their structure, processes, and systems to better achieve their desired outcomes. While most organizations are flooded with data, information is often in short supply. The Stat process helps organizations efficiently use data to inform actions and decisions, and measure their impact on results. Patrick is currently working with State Education Agencies, schools districts, and turnaround schools to implement the SchoolStat Process to accelerate organizational improvement. He also manages project teams in our organizational transformation and data use and system adoption practices.

In addition to his work in the public sector, Patrick has a history of starting and growing successful small businesses. As CEO of LCM Associates, he was responsible for developing and implementing the organizational structures and business processes, as well as the company’s strategic and marketing plans. Prior to that, Patrick was involved in development and construction in various segments of Baltimore’s urban renewal.

Patrick holds a Master’s in Business Administration from Loyola University of Maryland and is a graduate of the Executive Education OPM Program at the Harvard Business School.