Priya leads stakeholder engagement, assessment, and strategic plan projects at UPD. Currently, she is completing an equity assessment for Vancouver Public Schools and working with the Illinois Board of Higher Education to develop a strategic plan grounded in equity. Other projects include supporting San Diego County in its efforts to establish an Office of Equity and Racial Justice and the development of a school-centered housing model for Baltimore City Schools. She also serves as the internal Project Manager for UPD’s Antiracism, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion knowledge management work. Prior to joining UPD, she worked at the Brookings Institution, where she evaluated learning environments that promote equity, liberation, and the breadth of skills children need. She also worked at the Character Lab to design, manage, and evaluate programs in school districts that are based in the science of learning and promote whole child development.

Priya holds a Masters of Public Policy from Duke University and a Bachelor of Arts in Plan II Honors and Economics from the University of Texas at Austin.