Stacey is a Senior Consultant at UPD. She has over twenty years experience serving in public education policy leadership positions. Her education policy experience includes serving as a director of NYC Fund for Public Schools; special assistant to Mayor of Providence, RI; and US Department of Education, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Intergovernmental Affairs. In addition, she held positions within educational research organizations (Education Sector, American Institute for Research and Center for Naval Analysis) where her work focused on clarifying connections between research and practice. She has extensive experience developing strategies and executing outreach to ensure that studious inquiry into public education is accessible and applicable to the work of policymakers, educators and stakeholders. Currently, Stacey’s work focuses on UPD’s strategic planning and ADEI initiatives.

In addition to her public sector consulting work, Stacey is a Clinical Professor at the University of Texas at Austin where she teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on the structure of the American social welfare system with a focus on the disproportionate social, economic and political problems of vulnerable populations.