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Data Governance

Data Governance is about the decisions you make regarding the management of your data. A really good data governance practice can overcome many of your common challenges, and inspire entrepreneurialism in your organization by creating new ways of increasing the quality and accessibility of data across more and novel uses. The strength of a data governance practice is the diversity of its committee members and the buy-in of the organization at all levels, which in turn improves the availability, validity, privacy, and usability of your data.

Here’s how we can help with your data governance efforts:

Design & Implementation

Diagnostics & documentation, improvement recommendations, strategy & action plans, change management, leadership coaching & subcommittee guidance


One- and two-day training intensives to support data governance start-up

Strategy Sessions

Facilitation of stand-alone strategy sessions for change management development

Independent Training

Asynchronous independent training utilizing a series of online videos and exemplars

Communities of Practice

Facilitation of internal and cross-agency networks of like-minded DG actors

Download our Data Governance Business Case as a guide which you can take to your leadership to get support for your Data Governance efforts.