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Learning never stops.

The UPD team is constantly looking for ways to learn more about our industry and, by extension, improve the results we achieve for our clients. Our blog is where we share our latest thinking.

A Model for Multi-Agency Work

UPD is working with the Baltimore Department of Housing and Community Development to develop a School Centered Housing Research (SCHORE) model connecting affordable housing opportunities to families through their elementary schools. (Read more about the...
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When “good enough” isn’t

This is a sad parable about a good public policy ineffectively implemented. When the pandemic hit and the nation was forced to close its schools, one of the casualties was the Free and Reduced Lunch…
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With Great Data, Comes Great Responsibility: How Data Governance Can Be Leveraged to Support Equity

With entire schools and school systems online, this year education entities stand to collect more data than they could have ever imagined, anticipated, or, quite frankly, desired; and to paraphrase Spiderman, with great data comes…
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Prioritizing Well-Being as Schools Reinvent

The Need to Support Student Well-Being  In a flash, the pandemic disrupted the social and emotional well-being of many students.  While some students appreciated having agency over their learning pace in the spring, large scale…
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Census 2020: The Count for Our Communities

We are approaching the September 30th deadline (as of 9/21/2020) to participate in a critical opportunity to influence how our communities are viewed, funded, represented, and invested in for the next ten years. That opportunity…
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Not so special education

The pandemic caused a painful disruption to public education. From mid-March to mid-April, virtually every school district in the country closed its doors and sent children home to a largely failed experiment in virtual learning....
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Essential Habits of an Effective Data Governance Committee

Nancy Smith is a UPD friend and Principal Consultant and CEO at DataSmith Solutions. We are happy to have her as a guest blogger this week. Organizations collect a lot of data for a variety…
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“I’m not good at Math” in the midst of COVID

The Math struggle is real. Starting in third grade, I became convinced that I was just no good at math. As an educator, I saw hundreds of students who had the same belief I did,…
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The Secret to Successful Data Governance: Change Management

If you are trying to stand up a data governance practice within your organization and wonder why it isn’t getting a lot of traction, you may be overlooking a critical piece to your implementation—change management. ...
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(Re)Open Arms*: Planning for Back to School in Tulsa during COVID

*We know that hugging won’t be allowed during the pandemic, don’t worry! Thanks to generous philanthropic support, a team of UPD consultants has spent the past two months supporting the reopening planning team at Tulsa...
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