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Learning never stops.

The UPD team is constantly looking for ways to learn more about our industry and, by extension, improve the results we achieve for our clients. Our blog is where we share our latest thinking.

The Hidden Joy of DEI 

What do you think of when you hear “DEI training?” Memories of mandated, awkward exercises with your co-workers? Or perhaps fear (of saying the wrong thing, hurting others, or being hurt yourself). Sadly, you’re not…
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Owning Our Future: A Solution to the Property Ownership Gap

I’m a Black millennial property owner, of course we have the largest ownership gap of any generation. For decades, a massive property ownership divide has persisted between white and Black/Latine Americans. It’s getting worse.  Data…
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Black History Month: A Call for Real Change

As another Black History Month draws to a close, it’s worth reflecting on the purpose of this annual celebration.  Yes, the commemoration of Black pioneers like Frederick Douglass or Maya Angelou is important. But it’s…
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Rebranding ADEI for the Culture Wars

When I founded UPD in 2005, the mission was simple: help build better, higher performing, and more resilient organizations.  From the beginning, Antiracism, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ADEI) has been crucial in this mission, not…
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Scholastic and the Folly of Appeasement

Appeasement never works: it’s an old lesson from the history books, and it rings just as true in today’s culture wars.  Look no further than last month, when Scholastic, the publishing and distribution company known…
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Help Yourself

This recent study shows some pretty dramatic benefits to the overall economy in pursuing an equity agenda—to the tune of nearly $26 trillion over the 30 years analyzed! We should all know by now that…
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Creating Buy-in & Facilitating Change Management

“Deep and sustainable change…requires changes in behavior among those who do not welcome the change.” – Douglas B. Reeves   Addressing stakeholder resistance to a new initiative can be daunting and provoke feelings of anxiety…
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There is No Pill that Alleviates the Health Crisis of Racism

All across the country, city and county governments are declaring racism a “public health crisis.” This is a highly accurate statement given the disparities in quality medical care, life outcomes, and overall well-being for Black…
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Why we made a data governance course

Data collected by government organizations are a public asset, and they need to be managed in ways that protect the public’s interest. As government organizations move toward more equitable decision making and actions, the data…
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HBCUs and the NFL Draft: The Data and the Story

The history of football in the United States is as much a story of what’s taken place on the field as it is of American history itself. A historical look at the role of Black…
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