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Newark Workforce Board

The Challenge

As the economy changes, so do employer needs and workforce dynamics. With these changes comes an enhanced need for workforce boards and agencies to be able to access and use data – efficiently and effectively. In response to these needs, the Newark Workforce Board (NWIB) engaged UPD to support the development of metrics and requirements for a comprehensive set of dashboards for ongoing performance management.

The Solution

UPD worked with NWIB to develop a comprehensive set of requirements for implementing a new performance management dashboard system. UPD staff coordinated with various departments to review existing technical infrastructure and information systems, while simultaneously supporting the NWIB innovation team in mapping out long-term goals for data-driven decision making. The results of this process were a set of technical requirements that effectively incorporated the needs of various stakeholders while at the same time taking into consideration the organizational needs for state and federal reporting.

The Outcome

This work crossed multiple disciplines including data system analysis, issues of future system adoption, and performance management. Outcomes included consensus on the development of meaningful metrics based on best practices, existing regulations, and design for a more reflective and responsive organization. These metrics and recommendations were included in a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a vender to deliver the dashboards. Through UPD’s design of the RFP and accompanying support, NWIB was able to elect a vendor to develop a system which integrated multiple tools and will provide the dashboard they need for future program review, design and development.