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Antiracism, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Many organizations are waking up to their own role in perpetuating injustice and inequality. Some are genuinely seeking purposeful and urgent change.

But awareness and good intentions do not lead to change without deliberate action.

For public benefit organizations that are committed to antiracism, diversity, equity, and inclusion, UPD Consulting helps plan, implement, and manage improvement initiatives focused on changing outcomes.

Through a purposeful change management framework, we can help you turn your equity commitments into action.

Our process is designed to help you reach your ADEI goals and maximize your ability to succeed in three main ways:

  • Providing clarity of direction for your team
  • Establishing an emotional connection to your ADEI agenda
  • Shaping the organizational environment in which the work will be done

Our ADEI implementation areas:


Understand the results you’re getting, and the most powerful levers for change within your organization.



Provide your team with a common language for addressing ADEI issues and prepare them for the change management ahead of them.



Identify measurable goals and objectives and the corresponding new work necessary to achieve better, more equitable outcomes.



Detail the specific tactics, tasks, and assignments that must be managed for change to result.



Implement your equity plan with fidelity, and ensure that you learn and continuously improve your equity outcomes forever.