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Turn your ideas into accomplishments.

While other consultants disappear when the implementation begins, that’s when the work gets fun for us. Our implementation support is always tailored to the unique context and starting place of the organizations we work with. We identify and address the organizational cultural shifts (big and small) that must take place for new practices to stick. From there we use data to guide the work but never to be an endpoint in itself.

Action Planning & Execution

Once you know what direction you are facing and the changes you are committed to making, we help you develop detailed plans to start initiating action.

Organizational & Cultural Alignment

Your staff and stakeholders will always be the most important component of change. We help you develop the right structures, processes, tools, and communications to help your people navigate the unknown and uncertain aspects of change.

Performance Management

Change initiatives evolve rapidly as new information becomes available in the shifting environment. We are experts in using data to drive discussion into decisions and helping you ensure that those decisions turn to action.

Learning Networks

Our sum is greater than the whole of our parts. When we work together through challenging change implementation efforts, we can accelerate our growth and impact.

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Discrete Improvement Projects

Sometimes what you need isn’t easily described or categorized. We are nimble thinkers and consummate doers who can support the roll-out of any high stakes initiative.