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Economic Mobility

Many of the nation’s biggest challenges can trace their lineage back to policies and programs which prevented the economic advancement of specific populations in favor of others. To move forward means to untangle these systemic barriers to economic mobility across the many public and non-public institutions which each hold a piece of the economic puzzle.

Work We’ve Done In Economic Mobility

UPD has had the privilege to support many such cross-sector initiatives. Below are two examples.

School-Centered Housing Response Model

SCHORE is a school-centered housing model which proposes that, through the relationship between families and their school community, schools in partnership with housing organizations can intervene before a family becomes housing unstable.


Connecting Data to Support Economic Mobility

UPD Consulting and Gov Ex brought together approximately 60 city and county experts from around the United States to identify what questions they would like to answer using data to support their residents’ economic upward mobility.