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We are public sector change agents.

For public sector organizations in need of reform, UPD provides management consulting services with a particular focus on implementation and performance management.

ed-fi-alliance-logo-white-bg-400x400-for-social copyEd-Fi

As the leading education data standard in the US, the Ed-Fi Solution enables interoperability at all levels through the integration of data, reporting and intelligence using existing source systems and applications. As an open source and free-to-license solution, Ed-Fi provides educators with a technology value not previously possible. Let UPD show you a new way.

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The Teacher Prep Data Model and Collaborative Dashboard

TPDM is an extension to the Ed-Fi data standard for teacher preparation that will harness and integrate pre-service and in-service data to be used to prepare teacher candidates and support the growth of current teachers. The TPDM extension enables comprehensive data aggregation over the span of a teacher’s entire career, from entry into a TPP, through knowledge and skills demonstrated in fieldwork experiences, to placement and performance as an in-service teacher.

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Data Diagnostics

Getting a comprehensive picture of the technology you already have is the necessary first step to knowing if there are opportunities to improve existing data structures, increase collaboration, and better meet your goals.

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User Adoption

The presence of data and technology does not improve performance. UPD’s data system use and adoption process shepherds the human-level changes that ensure your IT investments deliver.

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Strategic Planning

The result of a good Strategic Plan should be the written articulation of your organization’s vision, plan and outcomes. But it’s also about creating a living document; one where the vision, plan and outcomes become a part of your daily operations as you focus on implementing the changes.

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Continuous Improvement

We believe school leaders can transform our schools, and we work with them to align instructional practices to rigorous academic standards by making data-driven decisions for children.

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Stakeholder Engagement

True engagement allows policy makers to tap into the knowledge and intelligence of their stakeholders to improve planning, build buy-in, and even create strong advocates. UPD has a proven set of strategies to harness the power of stakeholders.

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Performance Management

Performance management is not just about data-based decision making. Metrics and dashboards are ineffective without attention to culture change. UPD’s Stat-based model provides the structured method and routine necessary to ultimately get better results.

SchoolStat Early Warning Systems CitiStat Workforce Development

2014 12 school turnaround home image-04School Turnaround

School Turnaround programs encourage states and school districts to try everything at once and hope it succeeds. But to succeed, all of the work of turnaround has to be managed. UPD’s performance management supports for turnaround ensure school leaders can manage and sustain the change.

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