Jenni is a systems-level executive leader who has transformed programs and districts by strategically constructing and cultivating authentic partnerships at the organizational and individual level. She has helped collaboratively create UPD’s current Antiracism, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ADEI) Implementation Framework that focuses on the key areas of community, commitment, culture and climate. Currently, Jenni works with K-12 clients to actively identify and dismantle systems of oppression and advantage within the educational field, giving educator practitioners and leaders the tools they need to turn vision into action. Examples include: examining and cultivating culturally sustaining practices in math and literacy, understanding the impact of instructional power and microaggressions, and designing cohesive systems of professional learning that attend to the behaviors, mindsets and beliefs adult learners face as they progress through the ADEI growth continuum.

Additionally, Jenni has specialized training and experience in adaptive leadership and educational change management as part of a systems-level cohort of district and state leaders. Before joining UPD, she lead a department of 14 middle and high school district office content specialists in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School district in Charlotte NC, the 17th largest district in the nation. In Wake County Public Schools in Raleigh, NC she advised school administrators and department chairs on curriculum and instruction of high school ELA.