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Andrew Keller

UPD’s Theory of Performance Management

Performance Management seems to be one of the new buzz words in the market place.  A lot of this has been driven by the US Department of Education leveraging “Performance Management” as a means for…
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Asking the Right Questions—Data Privacy and Security

There are a lot of good signs to be seen in recent news about security and privacy in the education technology sector. Some of the key questions being asked by educators and administrators are “how…
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Will Data Quality Campaigns Stay in the Dark Ages?

Data about students that are high quality yield the best outcomes for students—this is the basis of nearly all education data quality campaigns. As education data systems mature across the nation due to investments from…
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Data Systems: Mosaic or Layers?

The cold weather has returned to many parts of the country, bringing back those dreaded winter layers: snow – ice – snow – sleet – ice. Districts and schools often feel a similar sense of…
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The Baltimore Consensus

In 2008, the Copenhagen Consensus Center asked a group of the world’s top economists to identify optimal social “investments” that could best help reduce malnutrition, broaden educational opportunity, slow global warming, cut air pollution, prevent…
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Why We Still Can’t Understand Value-Added

Analogies are important. While often imperfect, they help us make connections and better understand our world. That’s why I think it’s a shame the education field has yet to come up with good analogies for…
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UPD’s Otis Rolley at TedX MidAtlantic

Check out Otis Rolley, Senior Manager for UPD’s Community Development practice, giving a thought-provoking talk at a recent TedX event in Washington.  

CitiStat and Law and Order

Did you know that the Law and Order guy, Sam Waterson, did a video on CitiStat?  Check out this video with real shots of meetings and interviews with the originators, then Mayor Martin O’ Malley,…
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UPD Consulting’s Douglass Austin at Ignite Baltimore

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You should have been a doctor!

My doctor friends are always amused when education folks hold up the medical field as the exemplary profession. But medical envy is rampant across classrooms, offices, and the blogosphere, where the frustrated opine: “If only…
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