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From EDEN to EdFacts, STATS DC has always been there.

Among the many events that all of us are missing during this time of COVID, for some of us very important events like graduations and others we count on year over year. Normally, I would…
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The Big Reveal: Teacher Preparation Dashboards

This is a continuation of our series about lessons and successes from the Teacher Preparation Data Project. The Ed-Fi Teacher Preparation Data Model (TPDM) is a significant step to bring together previously disconnected data into...
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Teacher Preparation Data Model on the Road

I love maps. Maps present all the different possibilities to get from one point to another and provide the opportunity to chart your own course. My laminated, multi-fold map was my favorite companion in the…
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From Post-Its to Pilot: The journey of the Teacher Preparation Data Project

We’ll begin this story in June of 2016, which marked the official start of the Teacher Preparation Data Project. Though even to get to this point, there were many early sources of inspiration, sketches on…
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