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Holly Burke

Police, Death and Statistics

As we continue hearing about the deaths of black Americans by police officers, many people have begun working together to bring about reform. But the movement is often countered by other groups who debate over the numbers. Read…
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Across the Board: Who Else is Responsible for the Atlanta Cheating Scandal?

The media in recent weeks has focused a great deal of attention on the cheating scandal in Atlanta in which authorities have indicted 35 officials and teachers in the Atlanta Public Schools system for allegedly…
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Securing Our Schools in the Wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary Tragedy — Pt I

The shooting last week at Sandy Hook Elementary School has prompted a great deal of debate across the country about gun control and access to mental health services.  The incident has also prompted increased scrutiny…
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Getting to “The Finals” with Education Technology

As the National Basketball Association (NBA) pre-season sets to open, I am excited about the thought of cheering the new franchise team in my hometown, the Brooklyn Nets. The Brooklyn Nets have energized the borough…
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