Literary Lots, Kauser Razvi’s community revitalization project funded through Kickstarter, is a program that helps urban neighborhoods whip vacant lots into shape by transforming vacant lots into summer program spots for children. In Cleveland, several lots will take on literary themes from children’s books and spend the summer months as spaces for art and education. Working with Cleveland Public Libraries and LAND Studio, Literary Lots will transform 2 to 4 vacant lots adjacent to libraries into six-week summer program spots for children in inner-city Cleveland.

Between June and August 2013, local artists will use themes from specific children’s books to re-create places, concepts, or adventures from the book, creating a magical and educational space to engage local youth in art and culture.  The lots will be filled with books (naturally), and will feature reading and writing classes, in addition to providing interactive games for kids.  The hope is these spaces will bring neighborhoods, cultural institutions and artists together in creative collaboration to bring books to life… and keep books in our children’s lives.

UPD, a sponsor, was interviewed about our interest in the project. You can read Doug Austin’s, UPD President and CEO, interview here.