Hard to believe, but UPD Consulting is going to be 10 years old this year. Change is inevitable for all of us, and after 10 years assisting our clients with their transformation, we too are a bit different. We’re bigger, having grown to almost 50 people, and the work we do is much broader in focus than it once was.

As we have fully embraced the new UPD—we are change agents, after all!—we thought it appropriate to give our logo a make-over.

The new UPD logo is (we think) a clever representation of our three-letter moniker and for us the logo design means much more than just our name.

The individual components of the logo, distinguished by shape and color, are like pieces of a puzzle and reflect our desire and ability to creatively solve problems. The cyclical nature of the logo indicates our value of continuous improvement and process over product. And the solidness of the image denotes the strength of our implementation methods.

We hope you like our new look, but there’s nothing new about our commitment to improving performance and outcomes in the public sector.