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SLOs: When the O stands for Opportunity Some Advice for LEA/SEA Leaders

Student Learning Objectives (also known as SLOs, Student Growth Targets, and other aliases) are gaining momentum nationally as one measure being implemented by states and districts within their new educator evaluation systems. Briefly, SLOs are…
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Teacher Evaluation and the Burden of Evidence

Over the last several years, school districts across the country have been rolling out more rigorous and detailed evaluation rubrics along with systems to help administrators and teachers collaborate, collect evidence, and share performance ratings….
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Pure as the Driven Data

I like numbers. Numbers are facts. My weight scale reading for today: 165 lbs. Numbers are objective and free of emotion. My pedometer tells me that I ran for three miles today. However, as objective…
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Value-Added Data and Special Education

At a gala for the American Association of People with Disabilities in March, Education Secretary Arne Duncan affirmed the current administration’s commitment to maintaining high expectations for special education populations, noting that “students with disabilities…
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Grading Teacher Performance

We have to move beyond this notion that we cannot measure what students know.  We may not have the perfect instrument now, but virtually every other profession, including doctors whom we expect to make real…
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