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Taking a Closer Look at Value Added

Last month I joined a team of UPD-ers and traveled around the state of Oklahoma training district-level trainers on Value-Added.  During one of the sessions, a participant raised his hand and asked our team how…
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The Follower’s Manifesto

In my six years of teaching, I had plenty of colleagues who carried on non-stop private conversations through every faculty and department meeting they attended. The very educators who brought down the wrath of God…
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Why We Still Can’t Understand Value-Added

Analogies are important. While often imperfect, they help us make connections and better understand our world. That’s why I think it’s a shame the education field has yet to come up with good analogies for…
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Don’t Cross the Streams

A quick report from the trenches. We’ve been working these past weeks in Rhode Island helping stand up their more complex projects with Race to the Top and to help them performance manage the many…
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