The transition back to school this year has not been easy for me. As I prepared to return back to school, I was not expecting some of the many changes that were made. They have new rules were that made many of us feel like we aren’t part of the school community. Changes such as getting a metal detector, taking our phones during the day, changing the start and end time, and getting many new teachers. The transition has been hard for my peers and teachers as well. Many of my peers are not taking the last two years of high school seriously. And by October some of my teachers already seemed drained.

During the summer I had adjusted to my work schedule and working at UPD Consulting, an internship where I have learned a lot and had many new experiences. Although this is still my junior year, I’m excited that my high school journey will soon be over, especially since this year has been so hard.

As I struggle with the changes of this school year, I realize that life is all about transitions. As you move in and out of different experiences in your life, they change who you are. Despite the challenges that I have had this year, I am grateful for them. School has had an extreme effect on me. School is not just about your education. Students also worry about their social lives, the group they are surrounded by, and the title on their name. Your social life in school can have an effect on you, both good and bad.

I’m looking forward to my future transitions. High school is a challenging place which prepares you for the real transitions of life. The experience makes you do a lot of thinking and reflecting. I realize that I have control over the type of transitions I make in life. The choices I make effect my future, and the places I will go and the things I will do. As I mature in life I can look back and see where I came from and see the different challenges I have taken on in my life. It’s important to have courage when facing change because you have to be ready for the next stage in your life.