The UPD Happy Hour event last week was amazing. It was more than just a stand around and drink type of party. Conversations took place that opened up my eyes and helped me see someone else’s point of view from their position in life. It gave me a chance to reflect on where I stand in life. I had conversations that expanded my mind and made me think about my future and what I would like to do with my career. And since I was thinking about my future and talking about what I would like to do with a career in social work, I was connected with two UPDers who are working on a project that has similarities to social work. They want to get me involved in the discussions and the meetings that they have with the organization. I learned that a big part of our success has to do with each UPDer’s characteristics and personalities. After happy hour we went to a restaurant by the name of Bonique. For me it was a very different restaurant; it had everything that I usually do not eat. The food turned out to be really good and it was a great thing to try.  The day in D.C. with UPD made me want to tap into another side of myself, try something new, and experience life.