During a recent trip to two schools in one of the large, urban districts we are supporting to improve student outcomes, I was having a conversation with a district leader that was typical of many I’ve had before. She was concerned that despite the gains made by their two schools, they would return to their former levels of achievement after the intense supports ended. This, in turn, made me reflect on how good ideas and the best intentions, backed by lots of hard work, so often fail to create lasting results.
My colleagues and I know from experience that truly making sustainable change in the complex environment of schools that are struggling to achieve requires (1) systemic and structural changes, (2) behavior and mindset shifts, and (3) growth in teacher and leader skills and knowledge. Piecemeal efforts can ever only have partial impact.
At UPD, our approach leverages our expertise in data-driven continuous improvement practices, leadership of complex change initiatives, and supporting shifts in instructional practice to address all three of these critical components.
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