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Douglass Austin

The Value of Scrutiny

To paraphrase Stevie Wonder, “I am amazed but not amused” by the current contention that the “Youtube Effect” is partially to blame for the spike in violent crime that some cities are experiencing this year….
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Empathy For The People You Serve

The altercation between Sandra Bland and Texas State Trooper Brian Encinia has stayed in my head for the sheer senselessness of it and the tragic result, but also because of the lessons we might learn…
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For Whom the Bell Curves

The debate, if you can call it that—“jibber jabber” might be a better term (thanks, Mr. T!)—over linking student achievement data to teacher and principal performance started on the wrong foot and seems to be…
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Anyone who is involved in establishing pay-for-performance compensation models for teachers and principals should spend a little time in advance reading up on Dan Ariely (The Upside of Irrationality), Daniel Pink (Drive) and other behavioral…
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Happy Anniversary, CitiStat.

The CitiStat model, which recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, has expanded and evolved in many different ways over the last decade.  Even during the early years of CitiStat in Baltimore under then-Mayor O’Malley, the Stat…
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The Horse We Rode In On.

Welcome to the UPD Consulting blog.  Several years ago, we were a handful of consultants, survivors of the reform battles we waged from inside government and public education with the scars to prove it, reconstituted…
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