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Data Systems

Improving the Ground Game in Education

We know political campaigns are driven by numbers. Since long before we started talking about data-driven decision-making as a key driver in education reform, political strategists had sophisticated models for crunching numbers and using them…
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Will Data Quality Campaigns Stay in the Dark Ages?

Data about students that are high quality yield the best outcomes for students—this is the basis of nearly all education data quality campaigns. As education data systems mature across the nation due to investments from…
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Getting to “The Finals” with Education Technology

As the National Basketball Association (NBA) pre-season sets to open, I am excited about the thought of cheering the new franchise team in my hometown, the Brooklyn Nets. The Brooklyn Nets have energized the borough…
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Data Systems: Mosaic or Layers?

The cold weather has returned to many parts of the country, bringing back those dreaded winter layers: snow – ice – snow – sleet – ice. Districts and schools often feel a similar sense of…
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